International Friendship Day

Yes, I know, there's an awful lot of International Something-or-other Days but this one is an important one. We all need friends and in an ideal world nobody would be lonely.


#colour_collective #peach

I've been getting back into the habit of these twitter challenges recently, it is fun to just draw something on its own without a background or lengthy rough process. 

baby copy.jpg

Rumble in the Jungle

Finally finished this one up after showing a WIP a week or so ago. Feels apt today in my slightly humid and sweaty studio...



There's a fun thing happening over on Twitter where people are drawing a lion a day for the month of July. I'm doing my own slant on this with one lion, one day. See what I did there?

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 17.10.57.png

Be Beside the Sea

Yesterday I decided that my various social media platforms lacked a sense of cohesiveness and that I needed a strong image to sit as a banner across them all. I consulted my list of things that I want to draw (yes, this is a real thing and if you don't have one I recommend it highly as you'll never again sit down and lose valuable creative time thinking 'what shall I draw right now?') The finished piece also works nicely as a pattern!


Alligator + Chair

I drew this for this week's Lucky Draw Challenge, an alligator lounging on a chaise longue...



I had a sudden urge to draw foxes last week, so here they are...

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 15.42.09.png


I spotted a sudden influx of unicorn drawings on my feed and discovered that #junicorn is a thing. As a kid I was a massive fan of anything with four legs, particularly equine in nature, and those years were well spent sketching ponies and learning how to trot like a horse (surprisingly handy). So I have no fear of the dreaded horse commission, in fact please bring it on - I'd love to work on an entire book of them! 

Rainy Day

I drew this yesterday when the heavens opened and the rain came bucketing down. The weather this year has been pretty challenging so far, particularly for this SAD sufferer who needs sunshine in order to feel vaguely normal!


Earth Day 2018

I managed to miss Earth Day on the weekend, so here's a little thing that I drew for it.


Frank Fox

This guy frequently crops up in my sketchbook and has gone through various development phases throughout the years, here's his latest incarnation. I'm back writing and editing and a new story for him is now in the final stages, then it's on to the storyboards...

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 14.40.36.png