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I finally had the time to colour up a quick submission for last week’s Colour Collective Challenge. I’ve missed taking part in these recently, but client deadlines come first!

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 13.07.23.png

Something Spooky!

So yeah, apologies for the radio silence. I'm just colouring up a lot of stuff at the mo and my mind is entirely in the studio. Here's a vaguely spooky seasonal thing I've been working on whenever I take a breather from the pesky deadlines.

Incidentally, I can’t help but notice the number of unicorn-based books knocking about at the moment. I LOVE drawing horses AND unicorns and yet nobody has ever asked me to illustrate a book of them. Just saying…

Panda + Museum

I’m currently covered in deadlines and determinedly wading my way through the swamp to get it all done before I head off on my long-anticipated hols. No time for fun stuff, but I saw this Lucky Draw Challenge pop up and had an instant response that I just couldn’t ignore. So here he is - Indiana Panda!



I'm a cat AND dog person, it really depends on the individual animal. My Mum's cat is a teenage delinquent with no affection for anyone but her, he saunters through the house haughtily ignoring us plebs.


Frank the Detective

Finally finished up this foxy scene. Frank is one of my own characters and I'm currently working on a text for him.


International Tiger Day

Yes, I know, I literally just complained about there being a deluge of international-thingy-days and yet here I am promoting another one. The tiger is one of those go-to characters for children's books. They combine eye-catching black and white elements with a vivid splash of orange, which makes them instantly recognisable and arresting. They typically live in the rich greeny-yellow jungle, so their habit is also a joy to colour. And then when you stick them in any other environment they stand out a mile and that creates a visual punchiness for the picture book. So yeah, illustrators LOVE tigers and don't want to imagine a world without them.

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International Friendship Day

Yes, I know, there's an awful lot of International Something-or-other Days but this one is an important one. We all need friends and in an ideal world nobody would be lonely.


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I've been getting back into the habit of these twitter challenges recently, it is fun to just draw something on its own without a background or lengthy rough process. 

baby copy.jpg

Rumble in the Jungle

Finally finished this one up after showing a WIP a week or so ago. Feels apt today in my slightly humid and sweaty studio...