SCBWI Featured Illustrator

I’m the SCBWI Featured Illustrator for November/December. If you’d like to read a bit about how I came to be an illustrator and my working process you can take a look here. The article also includes a few tips and thoughts about the industry, alongside a behind the scenes look at my (suspiciously tidy) studio.


Back in the Jungle

I’m back working on my own text this week, developing characters and preparing some samples to go with the FINISHED TEXT. Because I FINISHED THE TEXT! At the moment I’m trialling some new brushes and techniques to try and get the feel I want for the book. I sometimes struggle not to make the animals 100% accurate, it stems from my passion for zoology and all things Kingdom Animalia.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 17.07.48.png

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had fun out there last night! We live in a small village but this year it was so busy that we ran out of sweets in under an hour…


All Hallows

You’re either an autumn person or you aren’t and my season is definitely summer. I don’t like the cold, I don’t like wearing layers of clothing and I miss the sun. I’m essentially solar powered. The perks of autumn are few, but Halloween is probably one of them. I love seeing the costumes popping up on twitter and particularly enjoy seeing the change in the way girls (and their caregivers) approach this big event. Gone are the days when a costume had to be cutesy or twee, hooray for the fierce and mighty girls!


Monday morning musings...

I like this positive slogan. And no, it doesn’t mean that women will succeed and gain ground at the cost of another group. It means we can look to an historically untapped source of skills and labour to improve the world that we all live in. Everybody wins!

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Feline Friends

I read an article recently that said that black cats on average spend more time in adoption centres than any other colour and are often overlooked. They are perceived as being less playful than their more brightly coated counterparts and, this is the bit I refuse to believe, because they don’t look as good in a selfie. Seriously people? Of course you also have the good old-fashioned dose of superstition to deal with too…

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Thoughtful Lettering

I’ve had this rattling about in my head today, probably something to do with reading the news headlines and the general state of things. Torn between the crisp white background and the more cheery orange…


A little bit on the side...

I’ve started doing ceramics classes as a fresh outlet for my creative urges. I spent the first course learning how to throw pots on the wheel and experimenting with materials before realising that I just wanted to make tiny cute animals. So, much like my illustration work really!

I made these guys from porcelain, sketching out the shapes and then cutting and painting the pieces by hand. If you’re a local, I highly recommend Farnham Maltings and the potter in residence Penny Eccles.

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Saves the Day!

I’ve updated my Books section with my latest for Little Tiger Press. It’s a Star in Your Own Adventure story where you get to stick your name up the top so it is ALL about you! Editions in the UK, USA, Germany, Poland and Netherlands.

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It’s that time of year once again, I get to crack out the unicorns and put my well earned horse-drawing skills to work…


Adorable Armadillos

I was thinking the other day about animals I’d like to draw and decided to tackle the armadillo. Turns out they’re incredibly cute and this little character is just crying out for a story…



Okay, so I only did a thing for #mermay because I fancied drawing some more seals. You can see where my priorities lie. It's also a very late #colour_collective #kingsbluelight


Into the Bin

Yesterday was the book birthday for my latest work with Anne Fine for the lovely folks at Barrington Stoke. It’s part of their series for reluctant and dyslexic readers and you can read more about it here.



Here's my @kidlit4climate illustration, supporting the wonderful young people taking part in the climate strike on March 15th asking for urgent climate change action. There is no Planet B!


Happy World Book Day 2019!

What could be better than a day just celebrating books? To make it extra special this year, the picture books that I illustrated for HarperCollins are also hitting the shelves today. Keep an eager eye out for Happy Birthday Pirate and Princess, both written by the very talented Michelle Robinson.

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Refuge Tree

A fellow illustrator is raising funds for Refuge, a charity that helps women living with domestic violence. Kate Slater’s Refuge Tree collage has been sliced into individual A6 postcards that have each been illustrated by an amazingly talented female creative. The postcards will be sold at auction and the profits all go to the charity. Read more about the project here.

Here’s my contribution…

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.03.37.png